JOY LIFE COACHING - life-in abundance-to the full-till it overflows Jn 10:10
We were designed to fulfill a purpose and to experience joy in our relationships with God and with people.  Jesus came that we might have "life in abundance, to the full, till it overflows"  (John 10:10b, Amplified).

Take a moment and think about your life.  Are you happy and fulfilled?  Are you satisfied?  What's missing?  What needs to change?  What would you like to accomplish?

You might be a leader who is weighed down with burdens and needs to sort out the best approach to solving problems, moving forward, and inspiring your people.  You'd like some help to create vision, hone your leadership skills, or improve your relationships.  You would enjoy feeling competent, confident, and respected.

You could be a woman facing a new chapter in your life after the kids move out or your marriage ends in divorce.  You need to figure out who you are all over again and need some direction and moral support.  It would be wonderful to once again know your purpose and feel valuable and loved. 

Maybe you would like to finally lose that weight forever, but planning and preparing special meals and snacks is just too overwhelming.  Not to mention that you feel deprived when you diet and eventually just revert to your old patterns.  You would be so relieved to find a plan you actually loved that worked with your lifestyle, to be free from cravings and emotional eating, and to know that you were taking good care of your health.  And wouldn't it be great to be healthy and energetic, not to mention slim and trim, and actually be able to stay that way!  

Life coaching is designed for people like you.  It can be such a relief to talk to a coach and get some clarity about your situation and how you would like it to change, then make a plan and take the steps to make it happen.

Coaching is powerful.  If you are serious about wanting something better, you've come to the right place.

2015 is already gaining momentum.  How do you want to use it?

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